#MJsWorld: Living With Chronic Pain

Written by M-J Black

As I write my own very honest weekly blog, #MJsWorld, about living alone alone with Fibromyalgia, ME/CFS & Clinical Depression, amongst other’s, (I’ll leave the links at bottom of this piece for anyone who might wanna come & see what I’m all about!) I was asked to do a guest blog about what I have learned from having Fibromyalgia, & what to say what to expect if someone has just been diagnosed. So, here’s my personal experience …..

The main thing I think I have learned from having Fibromyalgia is that it’s OK not be to OK sometimes, to listen to my body & when it’s telling me I need rest, then that’s what I have to do. I’ve also learnt that living in pain most of the time can be managed fairly well if prescribed the right medication, though on bad flare day’s, nothing really seems to help except resting up.

You cannot control Fibromyalgia, it definitely controls you. It decides when you can have a good night’s sleep (which is v rare!), it decides when you’re gonna feel battered & bruised from head to toe, if your head’s gonna ache all day ….. all you can really do is appreciate the good days, & do your very best to get through the bad days as best you can.

There are SO many different symptoms of Fibromyalgia that’s it’s hard to say what to expect post diagnosis. The chances are you will already be suffering with some of them, I know now that I was for years before I knew I had it – from strange things like suddenly feeling itchy from head to toe & having to scratch myself with a hairbrush to comfort it, the odd bit of abdominal pain, & of course both Fibro Fatigue & Fibro Fog, the latter used to get me SO frustrated I thought I was showing early sign’s of Dementia ……

So in summary, I can only say that Fibromyalgia absolutely sucks big time, but it doesn’t have to completely take over your life!! I’ve found that even on days when I’d much rather be sat on my sofa, or indeed lying in my bed, & even though I may be in pain, actually getting out of the house, or indeed just getting some housework done, does actually make me feel better in the end, as any physical activity releases endorphins, which make you feel happier, mentally & emotionally, plus the more you physically do, the more healthier you become, & the more control you have over how much sleep you get – so even if you have to make yourself, the effort will be worth it!!

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