Fibromyalgia Reality Check

Fibro Reality CheckI’m quite active with the fibromyalgia community on Twitter.  On a regular basis, I see posts proclaiming “Fibromyalgia is real!” or something to that effect.

I understand where the need to proclaim the validity of this illness comes from.  Many people go through an arduous process on their way to a fibromyalgia diagnosis.  No one seems to believe how much pain they are in; no one can tell them why they are in pain.

When all the other possibilities have been eliminated, they are told they have fibromyalgia, an incurable condition that causes widespread pain and extraordinary fatigue.  The disclosure of the diagnosis doesn’t end the litany of judgment and well intentioned but poorly considered comments that somehow imply that those with the condition are exaggerating malingerers.  They are not.

The problem with the posts about how “real” fibromyalgia is, is that they fuel speculation among the poory informed that it is not real, otherwise why go on about it?  Yes, we need to build awareness, but let’s allow the scientific evidence to speak for us.  It’s more likely to be believed by the dinosaurs who perpetuate the notion fibro is a psychosomatic disorder.  We don’t need to beg for understanding.  The truth is on our side.


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  1. I have to rare forms of migraine and the pain is off the rickterscale but I know we’re to put the pain or deal with it most of the time.yet I really can’t handle this fibromyralga pain . You never know where it’s going to hit or hit 1st then jump to some where else . I cry like a baby sometimes or screaming . If the fibro is bad I don’t sleep my migraines kick in I end up having having a sizure because it made my Hemiplegic migraine come on to quick and that makes me have a size. One big massive circle of chronic pain .

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    1. I sometimes describe fibromyalgia pain as being a total body migraine that never really ends. It seems you, more than others, would know what I mean. Research is making progress in helping us understand why our nervous systems react as they do, and hopefully this will lead to better pain control meds in the future. Until then, we cope the best way we can. #NeverGiveUp


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